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May 12, 2022

Fun is fun and no one should be shamed for having fun! Including having consensual sexual experiences with multiple people... Join GITA student staff Amanda and Chaunsae as they talk about the stigma of "body count" through the lenses of race, gender, queerness, and sex work.




Reminder: The GITA Hold of Yourself...

Mar 9, 2022

Check out our conversation with MSU Denver student Izzy and GITA teammate Amanda as they explore the world of parenting through a Black & Brown lens.


Feb 3, 2022

In this episode of GITA Hold of Yourself listen to GITA staff Chaunsae, Sadaf, Netty, and Mahexabel explore the nuances of what it means to be late bloomer in a world which expects us to adhere to societal norms at specific points in our lives. 

Dec 14, 2021

Join GITA student staff member Amanda and Kia, the owner of Witch Wellness, for their conversation about utilizing magic to nourish your soul.

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Amanda @pri_madonuh

May 28, 2021

We're rounding out Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with an amazing convo with GITA Student Staff, Phil Hargrove and GITA Assistant Professor, Stephanie Santos.

They cover AAPI identities, shared histories, political coalitions and so much more!